_DSC5868Welcome to the first ever Coastal Connection, your link to what's new at Coastal and educational tips to enhance your life with your pet. 

We are committed to enriching the interactions between pets and people by providing high-quality, lifestyle products that support the care and safety of dogs and cats.

Although we have been around for 48 years, some of you may not know us so we would like to introduce ourselves. Coastal Pet Products is a family-owned, American manufacturer providing exceptional customer service and manufacturing pet products since 1968.





We proudly manufacture a vast array of collars, leashes and harnesses at our state-of-the-art facility in Alliance, Ohio. This includes handcrafted leather and nylon products. We also offer a wide range of toys, grooming tools, travel carriers, seat covers and safety car harnesses. 

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DOGOur newest innovation is custom collars designed by you for your best friend. Create-A-Collar allows you to show your creative side to the world. You can choose solid colors, fashion patterns, design your own or build for a cause that supports The Morris Animal Foundation or numerous rescue organizations. For added safety you can personalize the collar with you best friend’s name, phone number and more. Share your custom collar images with us on Instagram @createacollar. For a chance to be featured on Instagram, email photos of your pet in the collar to creatacollar@coastalpet.com.




Coastal Critters 

Turbo VPof Toys With such dedication to the wellbeing of animals, you can bet that we have a bunch of pet lovers here.  Each month you will get to meet the animals that inspire us to do what we do.

Meet Turbo, an Australian Shepard and the official VP of toys. When you belong to the owner of the company you get to test all the toys! Turbo makes regular appearances at the office with Jim to make sure everyone becomes efficient at belly rubs and playing catch. He also enjoys naps under the desk, greeting follow associates, and hanging out in the lunchroom. His favorite pastime is checking out the trash cans for leftovers.