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Did you know?

  • In some states, it is illegal for your pet to ride in the car without being restrained.
  • Only 28% of dog owners use some type of restraint to secure their dog in the car. (2015 - 2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey)
  • A 75-pound dog can generate 2,250 pounds of force in a crash at 30 mph.
  • Not only can pets distract you while driving, they also can become a projectile during an accident.
  • A loose or scared animal could cause other accidents or become hurt while trying to get away.
  • More people are traveling with their pets, so the demand for comfortable, convenient travel products is on the rise.
  • Airline compatibility for carriers are at the top of the cat travel must-haves list.

Dog Auto Harnesses

Coastal Pet is committed to raising awareness of the importance of using car harnesses to protect pets while traveling. Our travel line offers two styles of auto safety harnesses. The one you use is the correct choice.

Easy Rider On Dog

Easy Rider® Car Harness Bergan® Auto Harness

Easy-to-use car harness that includes a D-ring for leash attachment to double as a walking harness

 Step-in style harness that doubles as a walking harness to easily transition from car to trail

Easy Rider Seat Belt Accessory

 Easy Rider® Seat Belt Accessory
Use the Easy Rider Seat Belt Accessory with the Easy Rider® Car Harness for added comfort and convenience. It features an adjustable strap and click-in buckle design.


Dog Booster Seats

79% of consumers use a pet safety harness while riding in a pet booster seat. All consumers are concerned with the safety of their pet and 86% are concerned with the comfort of their pet in the vehicle. (Vox Capio)

Pet booster seats are a great way to contain your pet while offering them a clear view of the road ahead. These dedicated dog seats reduce driving distractions.

Coastal Pet offers two styles of booster seats to accommodate safety and comfort needs while being easy to install.
Pet Booster Seats
Bergan® Comfort Hanging Booster Bergan® Comfort Sitting Booster
Adjustable for different heights
Adjustable tether strap
Two side storage pockets
Elevated base
  Fits bucket or bench seat applications
  Front zipper storage pocket


Soft-Sided Carriers

The Airline Compatible Comfort Carrier™ features generous mesh panels for maximum breathability and washable fleece travel bed, Pet Connect® access opening to comfort pets and Safety-Belt Loop™ to secure the carrier in the car.  Voyage Comfort Carrier™ also offers poo bag holder/dispenser and locking zippers. Great for dogs and cats.
Carrier Wide
Voyager Comfort Carrier™ Bergan® Comfort Carrier™

  Soft Sided Carriers
Bergan® Comfort Carrier™ with Wheels Bergan® Top Loading Comfort Carrier


Evolution of Coastal products that keep pets safe while traveling

Since its beginning, Coastal has been the industry leader in developing safe and innovative solutions to keep pets safe while traveling with their owner. Check out the progression of these products through the history below:

Easy Rider Time Line 1985to 2015


What size harness do you need?

The charts below helps you find the best size for your dog. To find the girth size, measure behind the dog's front legs and add 2".

Easy Rider Size Chart

How do you put on the Easy Rider® Harness?

The harness is designed like a step-in harness. In five easy steps, you will be ready to travel!

  1. Unbuckle the harness and put the loop over the dog’s head.
  2. Put the right and left paw through the straps and ensure that the Easy Rider logo is on the dog’s chest.
  3. Buckle the harness and evaluate how much you need to adjust for a snug fit.
  4. Remove the harness, adjust to the proper size and put it back on the dog. It is important to never adjust the harness while it is on the dog.  
  5. When your pet is in the car, slide the seat belt through the back loop. Now you’re ready to go!



How do you put on the Bergan® Harness?

 This harness is designed to be custom fit for your dog. Once adjusted, the harness may be installed and removed quickly.

  1. Unfasten harness and lay flat with chest D-ring facing down and forward. Have dog step into harness.
  2. Fasten the buckles and adjust the harness straps by using the metal slides.
  3. Pull the two loops through the back flap. (A)
  4. Fold the flap down and secure with the hook and loop strip.
  5. Put the sets belt through the two loops and fasten seat belt. (B)
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